Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center

Advantages of heavy ion therapy

  1. 1
    Without incision or pain, it is a gentle treatment even friendly to the elderly.
    From the irradiation itself, you feel no pain and no heat.
    ("Body-friendly particle ion cancer treatment" from the Public Interest Foundation for Association for Nuclear Technology in Medicine)
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    Since the treatment gives ion particles with great energy focused only on the cancer, the side effects on normal tissues can be minimized. In addition, it is expected to be effective against intractable cancers.
    There is a possibility that it can be applied to cases in which conventional radiation is difficult, and excellent therapeutic effect can be expected. It may also be applicable to unresectable tumors.
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    Heavy ion therapy requires fewer fractions and shorter treatment period, compared with conventional radiation therapy.
    It is possible to receive treatment while continuing work in daily life.

Common conditions applicable to heavy ion therapy

Because the heavy ion therapy is a minimally invasive treatment with less strain on the body, it is good for the elderly, those concerned about physical strength, and those with chronic illness. However, it is not a treatment versatile to any medical conditions.

To receive heavy ion therapy, please understand that it is necessary to satisfy the following conditions.

  • The cancer is localized and its treatment range is limited.
  • The targeted treatment site has never received radiation therapy in the past.
  • The patient can remain lying down for about 30 minutes. (guideline)
  • The Performance Status (PS) at the start of treatment is in the range of 0-2 (KI 60 or more).
  • There is no active and refractory infections in the irradiation area.
  • The patient, noticed of the cancer selects heavy ion therapy of his/her free will.

Please note that the application of heavy ion therapy requires comprehensive consideration in the ‘Tumor board review’, which is a treatment planning approach by a number of medical specialists to discuss the medical condition and treatment options of the patient.
This review judges the eligibility of heavy ion therapy for each patient. As a result of the tumor board review, heavy ion therapy may not be applicable.

Cancers suitable for heavy ion therapy

Heavy ion therapy is suitable for localized solid cancer treatment.
It is a treatment that can also spare the normal tissues or organs at risk near the cancer.
*Note that the applicable sites may depend on the facility. Please contact the treatment facility for more details.

  • Skull base tumor
  • Cancer located in the nasal, sinus, mouth, salivary glands, etc.
  • Lung Cancer
  • Esophageal Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Renal Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancerん
  • Uterine Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Rectal/Colon Cancer(postoperative local recurrence)
  • Bone and soft tissue tumor
  • Lymph node metastasis

Approximate number of fractions and period for treatment

Types of cancer Number of fractions Treatment period
Skull base cancer 16 4 weeks
Head and Neck cancer 16 4 weeks
Lung cancer 1〜4 Within 1 week
Esophageal Cancer 12 3 weeks
Liver cancer 2〜4 Within 1 week
Kidney cancer (Renal cancer) 12 3 weeks
Pancreatic cancer 12 3 weeks
Uterine cancer 20 5 weeks
Prostate cancer 12 3 weeks
Local recurrence of rectal cancer 16 4 weeks
Bone & soft tissue cancer 16 4 weeks
Lymph node metastasis 12 3 weeks

Some of the information listed above is based on clinical trials. In addition, the cancer that can be treated depends on the facility. Please contact the treatment facility for more details.