Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center

Facility information

  • Facility exterior Facility exterior Facility exterior
    • Entrance hallEntrance hall
    • Entrance hall
    • Inner gardenInner garden
    • Around the treatment hall entranceAround the treatment hall entrance
  • Treatment hall Treatment hall
  • Locker room Locker room
  • Facility bird's eye view Facility bird's eye view

Floor guide

  • Third floor
  • Second floor
  • First floor

Outline of the Center

Outline of the buildings & facilities

  • The Center incorporates a universal design allowing patients and visitors to feel comfortable at the facility.
  • The building facilities and heavy ion therapy system are designed with the energy saving concept, in consideration of the global environment.
  • The Center's cutting-edge technology will enable the treatment of up to 600 patients per treatment room annually. It is possible for a total of 1,800 patients per year based on that calculation.

*There are no inpatient facilities.

Outline of the buildings

Address 3-1-10 Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka, 540-0008, Japan
Site Lease holding (The land belongs to Osaka Prefectural Hospital Organization)
Site area 5,398 square meters
Building area 3,430 square meters
Total floor area 8,849 square meters
Height 21.6 meters, steel-frame, 3-story building
Treatment room 3 rooms (6 ports)

Medical equipment

CT 2 units manufactured by Canon Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
(One has 80 rows and detectors. The other has a large bore with 16 rows and detectors.)
MRI 1 unit manufactured by Canon Medical Systems Co., Ltd.(1.5 Tesla)
Electronic medical record Hitachi, Ltd. Open-Karte AD