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About the Japanese Radiation Oncology Database (JROD) and the Japan Carbon-ion Radiation Oncology Study Group Trial (JCROS).

Osaka Heavy Ion Therapy Center is cooperating on the JROD and the JCROS.

The Japanese Radiation Oncology Database is a project by the Japanese Society for Radiation Oncology (JASTRO) and run with approvals from JASTRO and our center. It examines the diagnosis, treatment process and results (including surgery and chemotherapy) of patients who have received radiation therapy nationwide.

The survey includes examinations of the medical records and X-ray images while taking special care to protect the patients’ personal information so that no personal information will be disclosed out of our center.

Through this research, we will conduct nationwide cancer care evaluations from the clinical treatment point of view, clarify the points of improvement in cancer care and improve the quality of treatment, with the view to be able to provide better medical care. Moreover, we can provide the treatment results of patients with similar conditions at current national and regional levels.

The Japan Carbon-ion Radiation Oncology Study Group (JCROS) is a project to collect the corresponding year's data about clinical cases according to items and treatment sites predetermined, for that each heavy ion therapy facility conducts data collection every 6 months. The collected data will be consolidated to the database in the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS).

Please feel free to inform us in case you are unwilling to join the survey.

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